Top 7 Ways Canada Submits To Islam

The Islamization Of Canada Is Happening At Record Speed

Canada is submitting to Islam—ironic, given that Islam actually means submission.

What do I mean?

The country is bending over backwards to appease both Islam as a religion, and Muslims as individuals; Islam increasingly enjoys “protected status”, sheltered from political or ideological derision or questioning.

This is in stark contrast to Christianity (Canada’s main religion), which often bears the brunt of public ridicule and government censure.

For example, the Law Society Of Ontario is trying to preemptively ban graduates from Trinity Western University’s proposed law school because of the school’s Christian context.

Soon we’ll be calling the great white north Canadistan, not to be dismissive, but to be accurate.

Here are the top 7 examples of Canada’s submission to Islam.

And yes, the feature image is in fact a picture of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, and mother, Margaret Trudeau, on a card they sent out to Muslim donors in celebration of Ramadan.

1. The Anti-Islamophobia Motion 103 Prohibits Criticizing Islam

Last week, Canada’s Parliament passed a motion to condemn hate speech against Islam, ie “Islamophobia”.

The motion was brought by the Pakistani-born Liberal Member of Parliament (MP), Iqra Khalid, in an obvious attempt to silence criticism of Islam.

Khalid was the president of the Muslim Student Association at York University during her tenure. While she may not have been there when they handed out “Wife Disciplining” pamphlets (so progressive), many of their alumni have went on to join ISIS.

Now, I’m not saying she personally supports any of this, just that she has associated, and worked closely with people who do.

But this is just a motion, it’s not like it’s going to become law.  Right?


This will almost certainly become the law of the land, given enough time. In fact, Canada already has robust hate speech laws in place now, this strengthens those (specifically for Islam).

Not only that, but the Supreme Court of Canada has actually ruled that the truth is no defense against defamation (again, in the context of Islamophobia), removing common law protections against so-called “hate speech” as well.

And no, this sycophantic obsession with Islam isn’t restricted to the Liberal party, or even Canada’s government bureaucracy.

Two “Conservative” Party leadership contenders voted for the motion as well.  So much for being the “opposition”.

And, in a final twist of irony, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (a former substitute drama teacher and river raft instructor), didn’t even bother to show up for the vote.

2. Justin Trudeau Campaigns In Radical Mosques

Motions like these aren’t surprising when you learn that the Prime Minister submits to Islam all the time in his private life.

Here is the self-proclaimed feminist campaigning inside a sex-segregated Mosque.

To make this uglier, remember that this took place the day after he skipped the 9/11 memorials.

Although it’s not surprising that Trudeau would skip the 15th anniversary of 9/11, since he often campaigns in mosques with ties to terrorist organizations.  See:

But maybe he doesn’t have a choice, since he’s funded by George Soros.

Yes, the globalist billionaire himself has ties with Trudeau. Maybe this explains all of the political pandering.

Image result for george soros justin trudeau

Or perhaps it’s that Justin Trudeau is a (self-professed) “post-nationalist”.

Trudeau actually said that Canada “has no identity” and is “the first post-national state”.

Canada is pretty much what every Trump-supporter feared would happen if Clinton won.

3. Kathleen Wynne Panders To Islam

When she’s not running the economy into the dirt, Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne is busy pandering to her Muslim voting base.

For example, she wore a hijab while visiting a local mosque.  At said visit, she spent her time sitting in the corner of the reception area (alone), since she was unclean and couldn’t enter the actual worship area.

Anything for a vote though, right Kathleen?


The most ironic part about this is that she’s a lesbian, and would be killed in many Muslim-majority countries where, if you didn’t already know, homosexuality is illegal.

4. Ontario Has An Islamic History Month

I don’t have much to say about this, because it’s as dumb as it sounds.

Ontario celebrates “Islamic History Month” (not a joke) every October.

Now, given that over 80% of Ontario’s Muslims moved there in the last 25 years, one really does wonder how much history there is to celebrate.

And that’s not being facetious—25 years doesn’t even qualify as history, it’s just stuff that happened when you were in high school.

5. Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley Wore The Veil

Image result for rachel notley hijab

One contender in the “Submission Olympics” is the current Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley.

Not to be outdone by Trudeau, Notley also skipped the 15-year anniversary of 9/11 to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid-al-Adha, or “the Feast of the Sacrifice”.

Beyond that, she also wore a headscarf in her address to celebrate the end of Ramadan (above image).

6. Little Mosque On The Prairie

Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, produced a Muslim appeasement program called, I kid you not, “Little Mosque on the Prairie”.

Its premise was that a Muslim family in Canada that has to deal with ignorant white Canadians. The crutch of this “comedy” was: “hey, we’re Muslims but we’re also funny.”

If this isn’t social engineering, I don’t know what is.

The show was terrible and very poorly received by Canadian viewers.

Check out a clip of this terribly unfunny program below.

Just brutal. Tax-payer funded of course.

7. The CBC Is A Propaganda Machine

Let’s talk more about the CBC.

The CBC is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the Liberal party of Canada, and whatever leftist mumbo-jumbo they currently espouse.

Not only that, but they’re taxpayer funded—to the tune of $1 billion a year.  And of course, after they campaigned for the Liberals in the last election, they were rewarded with an extra $675 Million in kickbacks.

This money will be used to fund more hit videos such as “Beige Power”, which quite literally advocates for white genocide. Here’s the video in all its glory”

But the CBC doesn’t just stop at bad comedy. They submit to Islam in other ways.

Whether it’s silence on Muslim crime, blaming white, Christian men for mass shootings, or selectively reporting to hide Muslim prayers to kill Jews, the CBC will do anything it can to bend to the will of Allah and his followers.

Sadly,  because the CBC employs half of Canada’s journalists, it’s unlikely that they’re going away any time soon.

I’ll leave you with the CBC’s reaction to Trump’s victory. I bet you can guess who they compare him to.


Canada’s Islamization May Be Funny To Outsiders, But It’s No Joke

Canadistan has almost arrived, and it doesn’t look like Canadians will stop it.

The Prime Minister is working with George Soros to resettle Syrian migrants at an alarming rate, and the state broadcaster is actively suppressing news of migrant men sexually harassing schoolgirls.

And it’s not like Canada hasn’t had its fair share of domestic terrorism: consider the Omar Khadr incident, or the Ottawa shootings.

It looks like Canada will go quietly into that good night.

3 thoughts on “Top 7 Ways Canada Submits To Islam

  1. One might opine that these are the bitter, but hardly surprising, fruits of decades of socialism, feminism, and multiculturalism. Where are the Canadian men in all of this? Or, have they all been psychologically emasculated?


    1. Justin’s ascent to power (as useful-idiot figurehead, no doubt) is no accident, as the seeds for this disaster were sown (literally) by Pierre Trudeau, a card-carrying communist who was actually once barred from entering the U.S. for his ties to subversive organizations. Pierre’s duration in office was basically a soft-power coup by the Soviets. No accident either, then, that both Margaret and the other fake feminist Sophie are in submission garb, as it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Pierre’s inability to keep Maggie out of the headlines was widely considered to be one of the primary reasons for his prematurely concluded (by his standards) political career. Whoever was pulling the strings behind the scenes in Moscow figured, if this guy can’t even control his wife how can he run a country? So they pulled the rug out from under him in 1984.

      Brian Mulroney became good friends with Reagan but was largely ineffectual; after all, he had sixteen years of Pierre’s disaster to clean up and just didn’t have the chops. But had Trudeaumania not come to an abrupt halt, Pierre likely would have had an unbroken line of leadership handed directly to Justin when he died. That eulogy must have been rehearsed over and over for years. There’s a reason they call the boy tyrant Kim Just In, after all…

      But as for the rest of Canada, it was under Pierre that the infiltration of Canadian culture with leftist fuddle-duddling began. The draft resisters he let in as “Refugees” shortly after taking office, claiming they were fleeing Nixon (sound familiar?) later went on to become schoolteachers, civil servants, and generally embed themselves into Canadian society, marrying Canadian women and raising children as good little Maple Comrades. One of the core tenets of Canadian “tolerance” under post-Pierre Canada is “multiculturalism,” which people initially thought to mean equality for the French and English but actually meant the whole world — particularly the third world — spilling in.

      That legacy is pretty much set in stone now, and will only manifest itself over future generations. Demographics are destiny, and current projections have Canada being majority-minority by as early as 2030. As there is no more Soviet Union to back a Trudeau candidacy as puppet state for a one-world global government, the next alternative that the left/neoliberals have allied themselves with is Islam. Canadians can’t not support Muslims or Islam, because they’ve been taught for 50 years that “multiculturalism” is inextricable from the Canadian identity (which, paradoxically, Justin claims doesn’t exist). So if you want to fault anybody for the “cucking” of Canada, fault Pierre and the communists he associated with. The sins of the father are visited upon the son.


    2. Canada’s in a similar situation to Sweden: most 50% of all journalists work for the state broadcaster, who censor content (and comments on their online platforms) heavily. Beyond that, Canada has a lot of laws that make it impossible to speak out without risking your job, a lot of money in fines and legal battles, or even jail. If they started enforcing their laws more heavily, Canada would be a police state: luckily the government is pretty incompetent.


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