Congress Earmarks $1.5 Billion To Fix Fences, But Nothing For The Wall

Although today’s Congressional budget agreement, which will be voted on in the next few days, disperses over $1 trillion to various government departments, it allocates only $1.5 billion additional dollars for border security.

Furthermore, they included the caveat that this money cannot be used on a wall—it can only be used to repair existing fencing and barricades, or upgrade monitoring technology.

And of course, there are no tabled cuts to Planned Parenthood’s funding, nor did Donald Trump’s $18 billion in proposed cuts make it through (as of yet).

This has many of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters up in arms.

Still others are wondering whether his influence in Washington is hamstrung, as even as late as this weekend Trump promised he would build the border wall at a rally.

How Much Would The Wall Cost?

Given the magnitude of wasted spending in Washington, the wall itself would be fairly cheap.

Estimates peg the cost of the  border wall at anywhere between $12-22 billion, although a study from MIT cited in the Huffington Post argues it may be as high as $40 billion.

Either way, it’s a paltry sum when compared to the cost of illegal immigration in America.

For example, illegal immigrants cost California over $30 billion annually, in terms of government subsidies and remittances.

This is to say nothing of their impact on unemployment, and wage depression.

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